Audition Tips


You probably already know these things, but just a reminder…

Your audition has a greater chance of success if your music is properly prepared:

  • Do Not Use loose sheets of paper, that can blow off the music rack; Instead, photocopy song onto stiff card stock and tape together, accordian-style, or mount it in a three-ring binder, (if you use plastic sheet covers, make sure they’re the non-glare kind); At the very least, make sure the pages are attached together. Clearly marked as to tempo and where to start and stop, what repeats, etc.

Your choice of songs is very helpful, too.

  • An ideal song is about 90 seconds long. More than two minutes is too long. This way, we have time to hear more than one selection, and to visit with you.

Photos and resumes are important, too.

  • Photos should be attached to resumes, with either staples or gluestick. (Paperclips fall off when photos are stacked.) If your photo is not imprinted with your name, be sure your name is at least written on the back, in case it gets separated from the resume. If you are using a photo that is 8 inches by 10 inches (which is standard), your resume should be cut to the same size, so the edges don’t get all frayed when the photos are shoved into file folders. Resumes should always have some kind of contact information, specifically a web address and / or phone number. (You’d be amazed how often they don’t!)  It is sometimes wise to have an email address that you use specifically for professional purposes, rather than the one you use for chatting with your friends.