Dear Friends of MTWichita,

This year was a great one for MTWichita’s 2013 EnterDINEment. There were dinners hosted all over Wichita for the benefit of Music Theatre of Wichita. The MTWichita Celebration Committee has plans to continue this fundraising idea in 2014 and hopes you’ll choose to be a part of the fun by agreeing to host a dinner or attend as a guest.

How it all works:

1 . Commit to hosting a dinner for 10-20 guests of your selection / invitation between June and August 2014. (Co-host dinners are also an option if someone thinks their house isn’t big enough or they can’t invite enough people but want to team with other host(s) to split the costs, etc.)

  • You pick who to invite
  • You send the invitations – feel free to create the invitation of your choice or we can provide you with some fill-in-the-blank invites
  • You decide where – could be in your home, at your favorite restaurant, wherever!
  • You select the menu/wine/dessert and absorb the cost
  • Remember this is a fundraiser – suggested “donation” for dinner is a minimum $50/person and guests pay their donation to MTWichita
    • Checks made payable to MTWichita are perfect, but cash or credit cards accepted too

2. When available, Wayne Bryan and an artistic guest performer will make an appearance at your dinner – be sure to schedule with the MTWichita office

3. If you have friends that LOVE to entertain, please ask them if they would consider hosting an EnterDINEment dinner to benefit MTWichita

  • Forward this to them and have them get in touch with Martha Linsner, Celebration Committee Chair at mlinsner@TCKansas.com, 491-6101 or 304-1075
  • For more details or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MTWichita Administrative office at 316-265-3253

Thanks for all you do!

Martha Linsner, Celebration Committee Chair